Thousands of homes in Hartlepool could benefit from a new scheme that launches today (Monday 16 July).

Warm Up Hartlepool aims to help householders in the borough access a range of energy efficiency measures that could help to make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

The scheme is a joint initiative between Hartlepool Borough Council, home insulation company J&J Crump & Sons Ltd and 0800 Repair, a provider of gas repair and installation services.

Councillor Kevin Cranney, Chair of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Regeneration Services Committee, said: “Fuel poverty is a real issue, and as energy prices rise, those living in homes without sufficient energy-efficiency measures in place are often hit the hardest.

“In the past, the qualification criteria for funding has been very restrictive, and so we were aware that many residents in the borough may have missed out on previous schemes.

“Under this new scheme, thousands of Hartlepool homes will be eligible to apply for a range of energy efficiency measures, such as wall insulation, loft insulation, room in the roof insulation and in some cases replacement boilers or new heating systems.”

Hartlepool residents can soon expect to receive letters through their doors which will provide more information about the scheme, list the eligibility criteria and also the various ways in which they can apply. For many residents, the energy efficiency measures will be free.

Tony Hanson, the Council’s Assistant Director for Environment and Neighbourhood Services, added: “Our alliance with J&J Crump & Sons Ltd and 0800 Repair means that thousands of people could reduce their fuel bills and keep their homes warmer for longer.

“While the weather is warmer, there’s no better time to prepare our homes for the winter months and the colder conditions, and we would encourage anyone who thinks they may be eligible under the scheme to get in touch.”

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