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Warm Up Hambleton

Energy efficiency measures for the residents of Hambleton.

Our efficiency scheme

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Warm up Hambleton is a joint initiative between Hambleton District Council and J & J Crump & Son Ltd that will help householders make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

Recent changes to the Government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) means that the Council is now able to widen the qualification criteria and define groups of people in Hambleton that are eligible for ECO funding to help them install energy efficiency measures that could save the up to £460 a year on their fuel bills.

Under the Warm up Hambleton scheme, thousands of homes that are on low income, have someone with a long-term health condition or are in receipt of benefits, will be able to benefit from a range of energy efficiency measures, such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, room in roof insulation and in some cases replacement boilers or new heating systems

If the grant funding doesn’t fully cover the cost of the energy efficiency measures you could qualify for additional funding  from the Warm & Well scheme

The qualification criteria have been widened and many more people could benefit from FREE measures:

  • Homes with an annual household income (after mortgage or rent) of £30,000 or less
  • Homes in receipt of certain benefits
  • Homes with EPC rating of E, F or G
  • Homes with EPC rating of D and:
  • A member of the household with a health condition made worse by the cold
  • A member of the household over 70
  • A member of the household is a pregnant woman
  • Householders have dependent children under 5 years old

Quote from Council Leader, Mark Robson.

“In the past the qualification criteria for funding was really restrictive so we know that many of our residents will have missed out on previous schemes. The new scheme should change all that – and as we are heading towards the cold winter months, I urge everyone to make sure their homes are ready. From early November, letters will be delivered to homes explaining how people can get involved – and for most people the energy efficiency measures will be free. Fuel poverty is a huge challenge, with rising energy prices, and the people living in the least energy-efficient homes often suffer most from reduced household income. This scheme shows that even in tough times, councils can make a difference to people’s lives”

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