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Loft and wall insulation for an efficient and cosy home

We provide a range of heating improvements; from a wireless thermostat, you can control from your smartphone to new A-rated boilers to full new central heating systems.

Are you insulated?

Are you a social landlord with housing stock that might not be insulated?

Many EPCs that were carried out for social landlords 10 years ago are incorrect. In fact, some organisations have discovered that 15-20% of their stock, that they believed was insulated, in fact had empty cavities.

The latest round of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3), which runs from October 2018 to March 2022, saw changes in the funding that social housing providers can access to deliver energy efficiency measures for their tenants.

Under ECO3, Social housing properties with an EPC rating of E, F or G can still benefit from funding for:

  • Insulation measures
  • Demonstration actions
  • Innovation measures, or first time central heating systems (including renewable central heating), excluding a district heating connection to an un-insulated premise.

Loft insulation

Lofts can be insulated in just a few hours and with minimum disruption to you, provided you have good loft access and the loft area is clear.

If you do not have good loft access we may be able to help: we can increase the size of the existing loft hatch if this is necessary, and even create a new loft hatch if you don’t have one.

We install loft insulation to Building Regulations requirements, which is 270mm (about 10½ inches). If you already have insulation, perhaps installed ten or twenty years ago, it may be less than this, in which case we can ‘top-up’ to 270mm.

In any event it is worth getting a surveyor around to check what insulation you have and what extra could usefully be installed.

Cavity wall insulation

Most cavity walls can be filled at very low cost or even free of charge and the work can be completed in half a day. We offer a variety of materials, including fibre.

We drill holes in the wall at regular intervals in order to ensure walls are fully insulated. We always drill in the gaps between bricks and plug the holes afterwards – it is very hard to see evidence of where the drill had been, especially after a few months of weathering. The same applies to homes that are rendered, where we make every effort to match the colour of your walls.

Cavity wall drill brick

Whatever wall insulation material we install, it is covered by a 25-year guarantee by CIGA (the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency).

If you have been turned down for cavity wall insulation in the past we encourage you to contact us. New materials mean we can now insulate ‘hard-to-treat’ cavities that could not have been filled just a few years ago.

External wall insulation (EWI)

Solid Walls may sound like they should be better at keeping in heat but unfortunately the opposite is true.

Un-insulated solid walls can lose heat twice as fast as un-insulated cavity walls but insulating them externally could save you up to £435 each year and save 1770 kg/CO2/year* (*source: Energy Savings Trust).

Basically… the better insulated a property is, the less money you will spend heating it.

Internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation information will be available soon!

Room in roof insulation

Room in roof insulation information will be available soon!

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