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Flood damage

Many homes were damaged in the floods earlier this year and some will take many months to dry out. Those with wall insulation will probably need to have the insulation material removed. What is involved?

Flood damage

The cavity wall insulation in most homes is a mineral fibre which will become soaking wet if a home is flooded. It is important that this is removed and replaced with new insulation materials. It is also very important that the job is done by qualified professionals using the correct machinery.

Removing insulation is time-consuming and must be done properly: every last drop of insulation must be extracted, which requires care, skill and specialist machinery.

If your home has been flooded you will no doubt be contacting your insurance company and making a claim. It is important to include a claim for the replacement of cavity wall insulation, but also to specify replacement with a modern bead material. We can help by providing a quotation and further advice.

Flood damage

How we can help

Hopefully, your home will not be flooded again. If it is, you will not want to have to replace wall insulation again. We believe in doing the job properly, to a high standard, and using the best materials for the job.

It will take a team of two men with specialist machinery and a roadside compressor one day to extract all the insulation from your walls. Once all the insulation is extracted and the house has completely dried out we replace with a special bead material, which takes about 2-3 hours.

It is important to use bead as this is less affected by floodwater than other materials such as mineral fibre. If your home is flooded again the beads will simply dry out naturally as your walls dry out.

We can help by providing a quote for the work that will be required. Complete the form below and ‘submit’ and we will get back to you.


It is likely that you have a CIGA guarantee for your cavity wall insulation, but this does not cover you if your home is flooded.

The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) provide a 25-year guarantee for materials and workmanship. This does not cover flooding however, so it is very important that you include replacement of insulation in your home insurance claim.

We are encouraging insurance companies to ensure that your insulation is replaced with bead, which is more expensive than mineral fibre but provides better protection should your home flood again. We are also encouraging them to ensure that the correct extraction machinery is used to ensure that every bit of wet material is properly removed.

We will ONLY replace with bead and we will provide you with a new 25-year CIGA guarantee.

The image above left shows part of the specialist machinery used to extract cavity wall insulation. Not all insulation companies use specially designed equipment like this, so make sure you ask how they intend to do the job.

We ONLY use specialist machinery, and our workers are trained to use it effectively. You can rest assured that we will do a ‘proper job’.

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Heavy rainfall is becoming a more commonplace event in the UK in recent years and many homeowners have suffered the effects of some of the most brutal storms the UK has had to face. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered flood damage from weather or plumbing issues, then we’re here to help.

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