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Warm Up Wight

Energy efficiency measures for the residents of the Isle of Wight.

Our efficiency scheme

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Warm Up Wight is an Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funded scheme which offers free insulation and in some cases heating improvements to qualifying households on the Isle of Wight.

The scheme is being delivered by J & J Crump & Son and is supported by the Isle of Wight council and will provide insulation and heating improvements to residential properties across the Island that meet the required criteria.

The qualification criteria have been widened so that homes on low incomes with high heating costs, that are not in receipt of benefits, will be able to access the funding.

The scheme is currently offering free cavity wall insulation for all properties.

Free loft insulation will be undertaken where possible and as required following a check of the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Low-income households may be entitled to free or significantly reduced cost replacement boiler system.

Each property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be checked, upon request for home insulation improvement, to identify appropriate insulation and heating improvements that could be made.

The qualification criteria has been widened and many more people could benefit from FREE measures

  • Homes with a low household income after housing costs AND
  • Homes with EPC rating of D, E,F or G

Cllr Steve Hastings, Cabinet Member for Procurement, Waste Management, Special Projects and Forward Planning, said:

“Fuel poverty is still a real issue on the Isle of Wight, and as energy prices rise, those living in homes without sufficient energy-efficiency measures in place are often hit the hardest. 

“We know that following the Covid-19 lockdown, many homes will be facing the reality of a reduced income whilst their fuel bills are likely to increase as a result of being at home all the time. This is an ideal time to do what we can to help people make their homes warmer and cheaper to heat.”

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