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Warm Up Hartlepool

Energy efficiency measures for the residents of Hartlepool.

Our efficiency scheme

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Hartlepool Borough Council is supporting J & J Crump & Son Ltd to ensure that residents in the borough can access funding to benefit from a range of measures including loft, cavity wall and party wall insulation, replacement boilers and full new heating systems.

The qualification criteria have been widened by Hartlepool Borough Council and many more people could benefit from FREE measures:

  • Homes in certain postcode areas automatically qualify
  • Homes with an income level of less than £26,000
  • Homes in receipt of certain benefits
  • Homes with someone over 65 and an income level of less than £32,000
  • Homes with a child under 16 and an income level of less than £32,000
  • Homes with a pregnant woman and an income level of less than £32,000
  • Homes where someone has a long-term health condition and an income level of less than £32,000
For Warm Up Hartlepool

Councillor Kevin Cranney, Chair of Hartlepool Borough Council’s Regeneration Services Committee, said

“Fuel poverty is a real issue, and as energy prices rise, those living in homes without sufficient energy-efficiency measures in place are often hit the hardest.

“In the past, qualification criteria for funding has been very restrictive, and so we were aware that many residents in the borough may have missed out on previous schemes.

“Under this new scheme, thousands of Hartlepool homes will be eligible to apply for a range of energy efficiency measures, such as wall insulation, loft insulation, room in the roof insulation and in some cases replacement boilers or new heating systems.”

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