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Tank Genie® heat pad system

Our eco-friendly hot water heating system could save you £300 a year on your fuel bills.

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A simple solution to save money

If you heat your hot water with an electric immersion heater and pay hundreds of pounds a year for it, we have the perfect solution for you.

The patented Tank Genie® heat pad technology is a low-voltage system that is attached directly to your tank and replaces the need for costly electric immersion heaters.

It ensures that you have hot water for a fraction of the price of a conventional electric powered immersion heater.

Revolutionary and flexible heating

The heat pads have a revolutionary, flexible heating element inside them. They are fixed horizontally to the tank in a ladder formation and once connected to a 24v transformer, they apply heat to the cylinder in horizontal bands heating the hot water to 62°.

Each band is thermostatically controlled and, as the water in the tank heats up the hot water rises to the top. Once the water has reached 62° the heat pads turn off one by one and the water remains at a constant temperature until water is drawn off and cold water re-fills the bottom of the tank.

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How are the heat pads installed?

A section of the insulation material is removed from your tank.

Three heat pads are secured to the clean copper cylinder.

A control box is fitted close to the tank. This is the ‘brain’ of the system and powers the heat pads.

The heat pads are connected to the control panel and then the whole tank is encased in a new tank jacket to ensure minimal heat loss.

How long does installation take and does it cause a mess?

The whole process takes as little as two hours and there is virtually no mess at all.

How do I know the heat pads are safe?

The heat pad system will be installed by an NICEIC qualified electrician and will comply with BS7671.

The heat pad system has been tested to stringent European Standards (certificate number C21/54803) and deemed to comply with: EN60335-2-21:2003 + A1:05 + A2:08 in conjunction with EN60335-1:2012 +A11:14 + A13:17 +A1:19 + A14:19 +A2:19.

Do the heat pads require annual maintenance/safety checks?

No, The heat pads operate with a low voltage supply (24v) once they are installed and commissioned there is no further ongoing maintenance or safety checks required.

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