31 October 2014

Vampire electricity spreads! Government issues warning!!

The Department of Energy and Climate Change were forced to issue a DIRE WARNING today about vampire electricity. It’s rampant, it’s everywhere – even in YOUR HOME!!

There are far too many ENERGY SUCKERS out there, feasting on our electricity right under our noses! You may sometimes see them at night, or at least a ghostly projection of the nightmarish ghouls. It’s late. You’ve caught up with the latest episode of The Walking Dead and switch out the lights. Out of the corner of your eye you catch the feint glimpse of eerie red lights – no.. wait.. they’re not lights, they’re eyes!! The eyes of the vampire beast!!!

Seriously though folks, leaving TV’s on standby and computer peripherals on when the computer is off makes no sense. These are just two examples of energy suckers – there are plenty more around your home. When you switch off you should switch right off. Kill them dead. DECC reckons the ‘average household’ spends about £86 a year on vampire electricity. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



Colin ‘bats in the attic’ Anderson

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