2 May 2014

Up to £7,600 to improve your home

From early June homeowners and private tenants will be able to get funding of up to £7,600 towards the cost of energy efficiency improvements. The Government are introducing the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund in June. Up to £6,000 for solid wall insulation If your home has solid walls – which applies to most homes built before 1930
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6 March 2014

Flood damage

Why do we live in houses? This may seem like a silly question but actually the fundamental reason we live in buildings is to shelter us from the outside world, and in particular the elements. Sometimes our homes do not work – they ‘break down’ and cease to protect us, as people who have been
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18 June 2013

This Week’s Special Offer

Landlords: replace old cavity wall insulation! If you have properties with cavity wall insulation (CWI) installed before CIGA guarantees came into effect in the early 90’s we can extract the old and replace with the latest bead materials – and provide you with a CIGA guarantee – free of charge. Applies to social and private
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