2 April 2014

Spring into action!

Now’s the time to clear the loft and spring-clean your walls, ready for insulation. Swap your cold home for a warm one!

After months of confusion and disappointment, funding for energy efficiency improvements is on the way back! We will be able to offer loft and cavity wall insulation once again at substantially reduced prices – and free of charge for some customers.

When the Chancellor announced dramatic changes to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) just before Christmas, funding all but dried up completely. Energy companies have had time to think about ‘new’ ECO, details of which have been published recently in a consultation document. The consultation period is not quite over yet, but we  have a very good idea of how customers will be affected.

The biggest change is that homeowners and private tenants right across England will be able to get funding for loft and cavity wall insulation, for the first time in about 15 months. In addition, special pots of money have been set aside for people living in the least well-off parts of the country and for people living in small towns, villages and hamlets.

We anticipate high demand from across the country, so our advice is to contact us as soon as you can. Aim to get your insulation installed during the spring and summer so you can be ready for autumn and winter. Apply online by completing our simple form. As soon as the funding tap is switched back on, we will spring into action!


If you really want to know all the technical stuff, here it is:

ECO is the Energy Company Obligation, introduced by the Government to require energy companies to save energy – and therefore carbon dioxide emissions. They do this by making our homes more energy efficient, so we can feel warmer for less money. The best way to improve energy efficiency is to insulate the home, which prevents a great deal of expensive heat from escaping. With hotter summers on the horizon, better insulation also helps to keep our homes cooler in the summer. The part of ECO that every homeowner and private tenant can benefit from is called CERO – the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation.

You have probably heard a lot about ‘fuel poverty’ lately. This is where people with a low income live in a home that is expensive to keep warm, usually because the home is uninsulated or the heating system is old and inefficient. The government are keen to help people in fuel poverty and those who live in rural areas, who have often been left out of such schemes in the past. To do this they have set special targets for people in receipt of certain benefits – HHCRO – and for people who live in the poorest areas – CSCO. HHCRO is the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation and CSCO is the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation. Confused? It gets worse! To make sure that people in rural areas are not left out, the government requires energy companies to meet part of their CSCO in small towns, villages and hamlets. This is often referred to as ‘Rural CSCO’.

Remember… ECO is an obligation with a target. Once the energy companies reach their target the funding will stop, so apply early.

Colin Anderson

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