18 November 2014

How many uninsulated Housing Association homes?

Housing Associations have more uninsulated properties than they realise, and even some homes built since 1995 have little or no insulation. We have a solution to finding and insulating those properties – usually at no cost. Since adopting a new area-based marketing approach we have found a large number of council and housing association-rented properties
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31 October 2014

Vampire electricity spreads! Government issues warning!!

The Department of Energy and Climate Change were forced to issue a DIRE WARNING today about vampire electricity. It’s rampant, it’s everywhere – even in YOUR HOME!! There are far too many ENERGY SUCKERS out there, feasting on our electricity right under our noses! You may sometimes see them at night, or at least a
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16 October 2014

Insulation Extraction Rip-off

I’ve been horrified to discover some of the things that people in the building and insulation industry have been getting up to when it comes to the extraction of cavity wall insulation. It is very rare that cavity wall insulation needs to be extracted: once it is installed it is safely in place doing its
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9 September 2014

Not on benefits? Insulation could be free for you too!

Not on benefits? Don’t worry – insulation could be free for you too! Many people we talk to think that improving the energy efficiency of your home may be free only if you are on benefits. Not true! The government is keen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and knows that the cheapest way of doing this is
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