2 September 2014

Landlords: warmer homes for free!

Landlords: we can improve your F and G rated properties and get them up to E or higher, and it may not cost you a penny.

We are a professional insulation specialist installing quality bead and fibre cavity wall insulation materials. We will provide the material that is best suited to your properties, based on a free technical survey. We also install loft insulation.

If you have a medium or large portfolio of properties we can meet with you to discuss a plan of action to deliver improvements at a pace to suit you.

Tenants are happier living in a warmer, cosier home. The risk of damp and mould growth is reduced if the home is well heated and insulated.

We have a funding contract with one of the ‘big six’ energy companies to subsidise the cost of insulation. If you have properties in Government-designated priority areas this can usually be done free of charge. Don’t worry if they are not in one of these areas: the price will be very low and may still be free of charge. This offer applies regardless of the circumstances of your tenants.

We can also insulate blocks of flats, even if there is a mix of tenants and homeowners.

Please apply now, before the autumn rush! If your properties are in the south west region we can offer a free consultation with our Business Development Manager to discuss your needs: contact Colin Anderson on 07738 423769 or


J&J Crump & Son was awarded South West Insulation Installer of the Year in April 2014 by a national panel of judges.


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