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What is Party Wall Insulation?

A party wall is the shared, dividing wall between properties. Homes were built with a cavity between them to help reduce the transfer of sound. But this cavity also allows cold air from outside to circulate.

The result is both properties lose warmth and cost more to heat. You could be eligible for Party Wall Insulation.

Makes homes cheaper to heat

Substantial energy savings

Reduces heat loss

Around 5 million homes eligible

What can Party Wall Insulation do for your property?

Around 20% of UK housing – approximately 5 million homes – could benefit from party wall insulation which could make homes warmer and cheaper to heat.

A party wall sits outside the ‘thermal envelope‘ of attached buildings. Filling the cavity prevents cold air from outside transferring and circulating, which results in substantial warmth and energy savings.

In short, Party Wall Insulation reduces heat loss by eliminating air movement between the attached homes, it can also help to reduce noise transmission between the two buildings.

How do I check to see if I need party wall insulation?

Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) we can now provide grants for Cavity Wall Insulation to ‘Party Walls’ making it FREE for you, and making your home even more energy efficient.

The party wall can be insulated during a standard cavity wall installation, but wecan also carry out party wall insulation on homes that have alreadybeen insulated.

Do you need to drill holes inside my property?

No. Party Wall insulation is installed by drilling on the outside of the property and from within your roof space causing no mess and little disruption to you.

Your neighbour, that shares the party wall with you, will need to agree to the work being carried out.

How do I know if I’ll qualify for Party Wall Insulation?

Call 08007833127 and we will book a free, no obligation survey for you. When the surveyor comes out to your property a small hole will be drilled in the party wall, and the surveyor will use a boroscope and camera to see if the cavity wall is empty. The hole will be filled in after the inspection.

Call J&J Crump & Son on 0800 7833 127 for more information.