18 November 2014

How many uninsulated Housing Association homes?

Housing Associations have more uninsulated properties than they realise, and even some homes built since 1995 have little or no insulation. We have a solution to finding and insulating those properties – usually at no cost.

Since adopting a new area-based marketing approach we have found a large number of council and housing association-rented properties that are uninsulated. Nothing unusual there, until we contact the council or housing association and their records show that the property is insulated.

This may seem slightly worrying but I know from previous experience as a local government housing officer that stock databases can be unreliable as a source of this kind of information. There are many reasons for this. For example, a lot of stock information is derived from periodic stock condition surveys or even ‘desktop’ exercises that estimate – interpolate and extrapolate – numbers from small samples.

Our teams have recently found a number of uninsulated local authority properties that are shown on the council database as being insulated. Not only do they have no insulation at all in the walls but they typically only have 50mm of loft insulation. Clearly, this is not good news from a Decent Homes point of view.

What is perhaps more surprising – to us and to housing associations – is the number of homes built since 1995 that are uninsulated. They should, of course, have sufficient insulation in order to comply with Building Regulations but sometimes don’t. Whilst a normal RdSAP survey would default post-1995 properties to ‘insulated as built’ and will not allow manual override, we use the services of an independent Chartered Surveyor that enables us to enter the actual wall U-value and therefore provide a more accurate result.

We are currently working with a major local authority in the south west to identify all uninsulated properties and to insulate these at no cost, thanks to CSCO and CERO funding contracts with one of the ‘big six’ energy companies that enable us to provide this service in all areas. We can provide this service to any local authority, housing association or other registered provider in the south west – just contact me using the details below.

I will be happy to meet with you to go through our method statement and approach. There is no cost to the social landlord so all we need is your support.

Colin Anderson

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