9 April 2014

Get paid to produce heat

You can now earn an income from producing renewable heat for your home. Government launched the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) today, providing payments similar to those already made to people who produce renewable electricity, known as ‘FITs’.

The Feed-In Tariff scheme pays people to produce electricity at home, most often using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive will make payments every quarter for seven years based on the amount of heat produced by your heating system.

The payments are:

  • Air-source heat pumps: 7.3 pence per kilowatt-hour (p/kWh)
  • Ground and water-source heat pumps: 18.8 p/kWh
  • Biomass-only boilers and biomass pellet stoves with integrated boilers: 12.2 p/kWh
  • Solar thermal panels: 19.2 p/kWh

The scheme is open to home owners, social and private landlords and self-builders. You can have only one space heating system but can also have a solar thermal system for hot water. You will need to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is required mainly as proof you live in a domestic dwelling. If the EPC recommends loft or cavity wall insulation this will have to be installed and a further EPC produced as proof of installation.

Loft and cavity wall insulation

If you would like to install a renewable heat system and need loft or cavity wall insulation, get in touch with us – apply online here.  We can complete the EPC’s required and install the insulation so you will be ready to apply for RHI payments.

Already have a renewable heating system?

If you installed eligible measures on or after 15th July 2009 will be entitled to RHI payments, but these will be reduced according to the amount of any Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHHP) that has been made.

Link to Factsheet (PDF)

Link to RHI website

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