7 April 2013

CSCO areas on the map

The J&J Crump geographic information system now includes every Carbon Saving Communities Obligation area in England and Wales.

The list of super output areas provided by the Department of Energy and Climate Change is unhelpful; for example, it tells us that LSOA E01019990 is a CSCO area and that it is in Exeter, but where exactly is impossible to know. We could of course go through the laborious process of finding the LSOA on a map by following the instructions provided in the catchily titled Energy Company Obligation: Carbon Saving Community Obligation Guidance but, by the time we had waded through the Office for National Statistics website we could have ground beans and made enough coffee for everyone in the office. And at the end of it all we would have found is one CSCO area. More coffee anyone?

Thanks to the Centre for Sustainable Energy at Bristol the DECC list was made available in spreadsheet form, which could be imported to MapInfo and geocoded against a database of LSOA codes. And, as if by magic, all the CSCO areas appear on a map, set against any map background we have available, such as OS Street View or OS Meridian.

Incidentally, we can also show our partners CSCO areas on iGIS on our iPads; if your very nice and give us some funding I’ll show you how to do it…

Colin Anderson

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