9 September 2014

Not on benefits? Insulation could be free for you too!

Not on benefits? Don’t worry – insulation could be free for you too!

Many people we talk to think that improving the energy efficiency of your home may be free only if you are on benefits. Not true!

The government is keen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and knows that the cheapest way of doing this is to improve the energy efficiency of homes. You use less energy, the country is less dependent on energy imports, you save money and your home is warmer!

Loft and cavity wall insulation is most likely to be free of charge in special areas designated by the Government – we can tell you if you are in one of these postcodes. Even if you live outside these areas cavity wall insulation is often free of charge, though you might have to make a contribution to the cost of loft insulation.

So, if you are NOT on benefits, contact us now and get ahead of the autumn rush!  

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